I want to eat healthier do more sports be productive stop smoking live mindfull loose weight keep focussed reach my goals

BuddyBox can help you ! It is a motivational device based on state-of-the-art research in behavioural sciences, that gives you tangibility for all your self-set challenges

BuddyBox helps you too reach any goal you have set for yourself

After analyzing the shortcomings of current motivational apps we realized that they are missing one crucial element: Accountability and a visible commitement. That’s why we created BuddyBox, the first habit tracker with tangible commitement. It’s simple: choose a temptation and lock it safely in your BuddyBox. Then set yourself a challenge and configure it in the habit tracker app. BuddyBox will only open once you have completed your goals. Don’t worry our motivational features and smart goal recognition will make shure you won’t let got on your reward and prevent cheating.

How can BuddyBox help you?

Sports / Health

Use BuddyBox to motivate yourself to live healthier and reward yourself with your favourite back of chips

Studying / Working

Use BuddyBox to motivate yourself to get your work done and ban all destractions until your finished

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Use BudyBox to motivate someone else to get their goals done and place a boosting incentive in the box

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The concept behind BuddyBox


The product incorporates advanced gamifiaction functions making your challenges fun and enganging.

Smart Goals

You can either check the goals of your challenge yourself or you use one of our smart goals such as location based goals, time based goals or peer confirmed goals

Third party tools

Couple your challenge with one of the major fitness trackers and accomplish your activity goals based on real workouts. In the future we also plan to integrate your progrees from various e-learning platforms as objective based goals.


We belive in visually appealing products. With multiple available colors BuddyBox is made to blend into every environment and setting.

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